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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

#AwesomeInSocial – Do You Respond to Reviews in Social Media?

Social media marketing and online reputation are a great power partnership. In fact, just participating in social media affects your reputation whether it is intentional or not.

While there are sites, like Yelp, that exist solely to collect and display online reviews – they are not the only place for people to rant and rave about their service over the Internet. Many of the social media platforms, especially Facebook and LinkedIn, have their own areas for submitting an online review.  Why is this important to your social media presence?

88% of consumers in the US trust reviews as much as they do personal recommendations made by friends and family. ~YouGov (research firm)

Knowing that your social media includes reviews is half the battle. The other half is understanding what you need to do when you receive a review – positive or negative.

When a client or power partner takes the time to submit a review of your business – a response is needed. Not everyone will commit to doing that for another business and it is the ultimate compliment to publically praise another person or company in an online review.  Responding to that review is social engagement at its finest! Take the time, as soon as you see the online review, to thank the individual that posted it. Then make time to visit one of their social sites and return the favor. Online reviews are extremely relevant both for SEO purposes and for establishing an online reputation and presence.

If the review is negative in any way, there are strategies for that as well – depending on the source and the review. If it’s a legitimate complaint, responding to it with compassion and a request to take the matter off-line and try to fix it is the way to go. If it’s just an online troll looking for drama, ignoring it is the best course of action. Keep in mind, you can’t delete a negative review – it would defeat the whole purpose of having the feature to begin with. The best strategy is to continue piling up those positive reviews to combat any bad ones that arise. This may mean coming up with a strategy to curate great reviews on a regular basis. Don’t be afraid to ask for them!

Increase your social proof by responding to your online reviews with gratitude to show reviewers that you care and appreciate the effort. It’s one of the cornerstones of showcasing how to #BeAwesome with your social media.

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Hollie Clere of The Social Media Advisor is a “#BeAwesome” Developer, Social Media, Brand Builder, Content Manager, Trainer and Author in LinkedInFacebookTwitterBlogGoogle+YouTubePinterestInstagram and the tools to manage them.

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