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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Stagnant on Social Media? Re-engage Your Audience!

There was a time where anything you did on social media would make an impact. However, billions of people are logging in and using these platforms everyday. Complex algorithms mean that most of what we post won’t hit many feeds. As a busy professional, perhaps you’ve just ran out of time to really get creative on social or you’ve gotten into a rut of posting the same content over and over? It could just be that you are experiencing a bout of social media fatigue instead. There are many reasons you’re social media has gone stagnant but that doesn’t mean you have to accept that fate!  Here are some ways to switch up what you are doing on your social sites to #ReviveYourMarketing and re-engage your followers.

You Have to Give to Get

Yes, your goal on social media probably has to do with signing more clients or getting more sales. That’s all right. It’s important to remember that social media is not your website. The 80/20 rule of posting only 20% of your own content exists for an important reason.  People do not want to develop connections with businesses – they want relationships with other people.  This means creating content that has no ROI other than engaging your audience. It also means becoming an expert or influencer in your niche or industry. To do this requires an investment of time and energy. However, that is how to gain true social media ROI.

Remember to Engage

If you are caught up in a loop of just creating and scheduling content, you are missing out on the most important aspect of social media. Social media is intended to be social! This requires you to regularly read, comment, ask questions and share other people’s content. It means using social media not just as a business owner but also as a follower. Participate in conversations and groups. Engagement is the key to active social media. Therefore you need to become an active participant.

Clean Up Your Social

It’s easy to get caught up in the pattern of just following any individual or company we might have an interest in. However, the more people you follow – the more clogged your feeds become. That’s a lot of content to go through on a regular basis, much of which isn’t worth the precious little time you have to browse. A better option is to get clear on which accounts are worth watching. Who inspires you? Which ones do you really take the time to stop and read? Which social platforms are still fun for you? Once you have your list – unfollow and ignore the rest. You don’t have time to follow accounts that aren’t encouraging you to be better on social media.

Let It Go

There is a ton of advice out there. It can be way too easy to get hung up on doing things the “right way” even if they aren’t working. It’s essential to monitor, analyze and evaluate what is and is working and be willing to toss techniques that don’t produce results. It’s perfectly okay to get creative and try new things to see whether or not they work. Leaving a social platform that doesn’t do it for you – is also just fine. Give yourself permission to evolve and change and try something new.

You’ve Lost Your Magic

All of us get caught up in the loop of productivity and projects. If your social has become just another thing you need to get done, then it’s not just your audience that has lost interest in engaging online. Time to take a moment and remember why you started in social media to begin with. Social is important but it’s not a requirement. If you simply hate it, walk away or hire someone else to manage it for you. The best social media accounts are ran by brands that love what they are doing and love sharing it with the world. These accounts become inspired by interacting with their followers and keeping their feeds full of great content.

Do you need some additional help or support? Want to hire someone else to handle your social media so you don’t have to? Our social media team loves this type of work and wants to help you #BeAwesome!

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